1. What SoContest?

SoContest is a service facilitating the organization of competitions Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Just complete the creation form for your competition to be taken into account by us.Shareholding management will be handled by our systems, and the final draw winners. This will be done randomly and securely by our dedicated algorithms.

SoContest also allows participation in competition present on the platform.

2. What is not SoContest?

SoContest is not a contest directory. This platform is not intended to announce the contest organized by you and external to the organization via our services. Only Facebook contests, Twitter and blogs which will be managed by us are allowed. They will also be listed on our website.

3. I won! What should I do ?

First, know that SoContest is not directly related to the competition organizers.

For reasons of neutrality and clarity, we let one manager and responsible the contest organizer. The latter, once the final draw of the competition conducted, will receive a notification by e-mail inviting them to contact the winners. For their part, the winners must wait for the organizer’s contact to give them the / the lot (s) (s) won.

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